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MMA-Electrodes Cast-Iron

Below are our electrodes for cast-iron.

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Meltolit 55 XE

Ferro-nickel alloyed filler metal (Ni55/Fe45) for welding and repairing of grey, malleable, nodular and phosphorus cast iron. Good flow of the weld metal and excellent welding caracteristics. Foundry defects, repair on engine blocks, gearboxes, valve bodies, pump bodies etc. 55 XE has copper coated core wire for extra resistance to overheating during welding.


Meltolit 61 XE

Weld deposit consists of pure nickel. Recommended for cold welding and repairing of grey cast iron, repairing of cracks. Good bonding and flow of the weld metal and can be used as buffer strings before
using a NiFe wire. Repair of engine blocks, frames of tool machines, valve and pump bodies.

Meltolit BIMETAL

Graphite-basic coating and Bimetal core wire with high electrical conductivity. The Bimetal core wire authorises very important fusion speeds with direct current as well as with alternative ccurrent without
any risk of overheating the electrode. For repair and construction welding on all cast iron types and dissimilar joints between cast iron and steels.