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Wear plates

Meltolit wear plates can be delivered in standard sizes or as finished applications. This means that we can help you find the solution that fits your need. We will off course back it up with our wide range of hardfacing products.

The entire metal sheet is covered with welding which many suppliers dont take in calculations and can be important for you to know when choosing supplier on this. The metal sheet can also be painted to protect against rust. The hardfaced part can be of different thickness depending on your need and how long the protection should last.

Please ask us for more information or visit our closest reseller.

X 700

Wear plate with chrome carbides for abrasive wear.

EN 14700: Fe14 (grupp 10)  58-62 HRC

Typical applications: Ceramic industry, crushed minarl, mining etc

X 700Nb

Wear plate with chrome and niob carbides for abrasive wear.

EN 14700: Fe15 (grupp 10)  60-62 HRC

Typical applications: Cement and concrete pumps, ceramic industry, crushed minarl, mining, recycling etc

X 700WC

Wear plate with chrome, Niob, tungsten and other complex carbides for extreme abrasive wear at elevated temperatures.

EN 14700: Fe16 (grupp 10)  62-64 HRC

Typical applications: Steel industry, fanblades for hot gas, castings etc

X 500

Wearplate with fineely devided carbides embedded in a tool steel matrix. Perfect for areas with impact, pressure and moderate abrasion. 

52-55 HRC

X 900

Ultra thin finely packed chrome carbides in an austenitic mass. Best for high abrasive wear with no impact or pressure and where the weight is important. The plate can become thinner than 5mm with steel plate combined with the hardfacing. Can be ordered as base 2-3mm and hardfacing 2-3mm. 

Standard size 2000x1000mm

64-66 HRC

Typical applications: Fan blades, moving parts etc