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Thermal spraying

See below our Thermal spray powders. 

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DURMAT 456 (MP1)

DURMAT® 456 is rust and acid durable, resistant to heavy abrasion and heat. Based on the chemical composition it is more wear and corrosion resistant than DURMAT® 453. DURMAT® 456 protects components that encounter heavy mechanical and mineral wear. 56-60 HRC

DURMAT 310 (MP3)

Very wear resistant powder for surfacing on unalloyed and low alloyed steel exposed to erosion, corrosion and oxidation. Transporers, mixer wings, feeder screws, edges, slags, knives. 57-60 HRC

DURMAT 489 (MP5)

DURMAT® 489 is a nickel hardsurfacing alloy, which can be deposited using the Spray&Fused torch. Deposits of these alloys have high oxidation resistance and are easily finished with a file or grinding wheel.


Copper alloyed powder for surfacing of cast ioron, unalloyed and alloyed steels. Kopparlegerat pulver för ytbeläggning av gjutjärn, legerade och olegerade stål. Bearings, sliding surfaces, guide rolls. Salt water resistant.

DURMAT 354 (MP33)

DURMAT® 354 is rust and acid durable, resistant to erosion, abrasion and heat. DURMAT® 354 especially developed to produce thin, hard, dense and smooth coatings. Similar to DURMAT® 356 but higher WC-Co-content.


High resistance to grinding and eroding wear. Cutting machines, blades, transport chains, kneeder parts.

DURMAT 453 (MP4)

DURMAT® 453 is rust and acid durable, resistant to heavy abrasion and heat. Its hardness allows excellent gliding on high tensile strength steels and plastics. DURMAT ® –453 is also recommended for caulking and for carbon packs in refrigeration units. The powder is both, corrosion and erosion durable.