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GAS-Welding Hardfacing

Below are our gas welding wires for hardfacing and special applications.

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Meltolit C6

For surfacing on objects exposed to heavy corrossion and wear. Gauges, shafts, fan blades, speedway shoes etc.

Meltolit WC 60 (DURMAT A)

For hard facing and repairing tools and machine parts exposed to wear in mining, road construction, ceramic, petroleum, excavation and dredging applications.

Meltolit WC 75 (DURMAT B)

Hard facing of ferritic and austenitic steels (steel castings), applied for overlaying mixer blades, screws and conveyors in chemical and dye industry, food industry. Specially recommended for stabilizer blades in the petroleum industry.

Meltolit 110F

Flux coated rod for joining and surfacing cast iron and steel. Cylinders, engines, gear wheels ets. Pre heating at 400-600°C

Meltolit Castiron

Gas rod for brazing in cast iron. Used with Meltolit GJ (flux).