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When it comes to consumables for hardsurfacing and wear coating we are proud to offer the widest product range on the market. Our products are delivered to all types of industries where repair and maintanence welding and wear coating is necessary.

When selecting specific material for your application we have many parameters to take into account before presenting the ultimate solution. This can be different types of corrosion, abrasion, impacts, temperatures, pressure and many other. Some coatings must be able to resist many of these and then its extra important to get the right product to increase the life lenght and the protection of the part.

We will help you come up with the ultimate solution for your need. Contact us for more information or turn to our closest reseller.

Different industries that require lots of maintenance welding and wear coating of different types:

  • Steel industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Recycling and environment
  • Railway
  • Mining
  • Concrete industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Agricultural
  • Energy and powerplants