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Soft solders - Solid lead free

Solders are used where you need a very low working temperature when joining metals and for electrical and electronic applications.

Below are our lead free solid solders for applications like roofing, electronics, body work, tinning, joining etc. 

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Meltolit P30 95/5

Silver alloyed tin solder for copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. Mainly used in HVAC and cooling installations. Meltolit P30 95/5 is for soldering in capillary, pipes and sheet metal parts. Contains no flux so separate flux is necessary. Works perfectly with small gaps and is very fluant. The color is a good match to stainless steel. Lead free. Melting range 221-230°C.

Meltolit 95,5

Silver and copper alloyed tin solder mainly used for electronic applications but can be used in a wide range. Contains no flux so separate flux is necessary. Lead free. Eutectic solder with melting temp. 217°C.

Meltolit ES 217 (Sn87Ag10Cu3)

Lead free silver and copper alloyed tinsolder for copper, brass and steel mainly used for ordinary fine mechanics and manometer manufaturing. Contains no flux so a separate flux is necessary. Very fluant and has a higher tensile strenght compared to other solders. 


Meltolit 9730

Copper alloyed tin solder for soldering of copper pipes in drinking water and heating installations. Needs separate flux. Temperature range: 230-250°C.

Meltolit 99,9

Tin solder Sn99,9% for soldering and tin castings. Needs separate flux when soldering. Melting temperature 232°C 

Meltolit 138SnBi

Bi-alloyed solder for soldering where you need to reach a very low teperature. For soldering of tin, electronics and electric applications with temperature sensitive parts. Melting temperature 138°C.